“When the world is focused on the disability, we focus on the possibility.”

We believe that all children and young adults, regardless of ability or disability should:

  • have the same opportunity to connect with  others
  • be able to learn and socially connect with new friends, and
  • have a sense of belonging in the community.

Our programs are tailored for the Special Needs community, but all are welcome to learn and grow here as well.  This is what “Kids Like Us” is all about. 

A New Partnership with The Drop Collaborative

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We can’t wait to see you in our new space.

Was a great run but during COVID19 we decided it was the right time for a new location. Will be sharing details very soon! Sign up for updates below:

A Community for All to Enjoy!

At Kids Like Us, we focus on the possibilities, not the disabilities.


Learn with Liina

LiiNA’s mission is to increase the time a student spends learning!

LiiNA teaches and comforts students through interactivity. With sensory specific stations, including Virtual Reality, LiiNA provides a customized program for each student’s unique needs.


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