This camping station is very special, not only does the theme change from month to month, but it serves a specific purpose. Unlike the other stations that are built for the kids to learn and have fun, this station is built as a getaway. Many students with special needs feel pressure and uneasiness when out in the open and in groups of people. This can cause frustration in education and outbursts. When this occurs, these students look for a place that is closed off and provides them safety, this is called inclusion. At the campsite, a tent was put up to serve this very purpose. The tent is there so that when the students are needing to feel safe, they have somewhere to go. Students can go here at any time and simply settle down and watch the other kids play. In fact, an inclusion space is specifically designed in every room so that no matter where the students are, they always have a space like this to go to getaway, settle down and feel safe.