Apartment & Kitchen Learning

Life skills are essential to all people and their independence.

With the KLU apartment, kitchen and teen room, we work with members on daily life skills like making the bed, matching socks and cleaning up after ourselves.

As part of the adult transition program at Kids Like Us students are taught life skills. Here, students are taught how to do such things as, make their bed, hang up clothes, cook, and even pay bills and manage money. This setting allows them to start to master skills that will enable them to be more independent, with the hopes of one day living on their own. With a full-size kitchen, including everything from eating utensils to an oven, students at Kids Like Us are taught how to safely cook meals and keep a tidy, clean house. In the apartment there is even a living room with couches and a TV where students can just hang out and play cards or even watch Netflix together. Overall this is a place where work and life skills can be fine-tuned but also where kids can come, relax, and just enjoy each other’s friendship.

Focusing on basic tasks through repetition can help our members find a way to be independent. Our phone station walks each member through a step-by-step process of how to answer a call, take a message or take an appropriate action!

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All services of Kids Like Us are provided by volunteers! These wonderful people come from many places including parents, educators, retired school or office staff, church groups and much more. We’d love to have you volunteer at Kids Like Us and help us continue to serve these wonderful students of all abilities.

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