Early Learning Center

Teaching students how to have fun and learn

The early learning center is a room containing seven stations. Each station is built to target different skills and interests.

Everything in Kids Like Us has a purpose. Every room has an objective for students it is trying to achieve. There are six main rooms in the building, all featuring different themes or ideas. The goal always stays the same though, to teach students in a way they understand and want to learn. The early learning center plays a big part in supporting this goal.

Students can do more than just play with LEGO’s and build things, it teaches patterns, math and sequences!

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Walking into the bakery you’ll see our small-size kitchen set up and rolling ice cream stand. Here students can let their imagination run free!

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In the building station students enter a world of dramatic play. This teaches them not only safety but also communication one to another!

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From communication skills to working on memory and accuracy, the pizzeria is an area the students love to learn.

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Most students at Kids Like Us have spent a lot of time in the Doctor’s office. This station’s lessons are designed to make the Doctor visits fun!

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At the Grocery Store, students can learn to stock shelves and organize cans or fruit based on what goes together. A great way to develop life skills!

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The camping station is very special and designed for kids to getaway!

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