Reading Room

Life skills are essential to all people and their independence.

We don’t mind if they read laying on the ground, sitting outside or in the corner of the room, we just want them to learn!

The reading room is a very big part of what Kids Like Us provides for students. High school age students attend Kids Like Us who still have not learned to read. Kids Like Us works with these students in order to make reading more fun for the students. They students don’t have to sit at a table and read a certain book, instead the staff allows the students to read what and wherever they want to. Lisa describe it as “We don’t care if they read laying on the ground, sitting outside or in the corner of the room, we just want them to learn.” The room is scattered with alternative seating arrangements including a huge train car built out of wood in the room the kids can go in and explore. Kids Like Us even provides rabbits for the students to hold and read aloud to as both therapy and an incentive to want to learn. Kids Like Us explained this is a key element for all students to master so that they can use it when learning other educational and life skills.

All areas of KLU are designed to provide unique places and techniques for kids to learn. We are working with many companies to help provide technology for members to continue learning!

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All services of Kids Like Us are provided by volunteers! These wonderful people come from many places including parents, educators, retired school or office staff, church groups and much more. We’d love to have you volunteer at Kids Like Us and help us continue to serve these wonderful students of all abilities.

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