Sensory Room

Engagement of the senses encourages more learning and comfort!

Our Sensory room is filled with textures, toys and environments for students to enjoy… including the KLU favorite Ocean.

A common struggle that many of the students at Kids Like Us deal with is Sensory Processing Disorder. This occurs when stimulations coming from the environment are no properly processed and therefore are not reflected with appropriate responses. For instance, bright lights can cause great aggravation to some special education students, or a certain texture or style of clothing may upset them. Lisa described that her son, Justin, simply did not like button-up oxford shirts or jeans. This sensory room is set up in order to help alleviate some of these struggles. Beginning by replicating the feel of the outdoors, this room is set up as an oasis. Sporting several different types and colors of sand to a “underwater” getaway inclusion area, this room takes you out of East Tennessee and places you in a tropical destination. In addition to this, students in this room can become more acclimated to new textures as boxes are filled with new and exciting things that create unique stimulants when the students feel them. Ultimately, this leads to each student finding a calming or soothing activity in this room.

Sensory engagement is a key educational and emotional component that students across the spectrum rely on. At KLU, we have a variety of textures, toys and environments that assists all students in their development.

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