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What has been described as the students’ favorite room is the art and stem room. Here all students can express their emotions in ways that don’t require words. They can use their imagination in the creation of art or in the design of an experiment and learn through a hands-on approach.

Some students attending Kids Like Us are non-verbal and this room allows them to express to the world what they want to say. For example, an art project currently taking place in the Kids Like Us classes is the creation of a self-portrait. However, this isn’t an ordinary self-portrait. The hair of this artwork will be made out of words and pictures that the students cut out of magazines. This project will allow them to be creative and express their emotions through the color, size and words they choose to use to be their hair.

Activities like this truly allow the staff to understand the students on a deeper level. On the STEM side of the room, everything from planting a garden, learning about weather and watching caterpillars transform to butterflies. This allows the students to learn in a different way what they are also learning in school. This repetition in the same areas but in different methods of teaching allows the students to grasp the ideas in new ways.

Students work with the KLU Scientists to learn how to make simple art projects through the principles of chemistry as well as learning about art and how to follow instructions!

In the STEAM room, our members of all ages learn how to create all sorts of experiments from chemistry to creating paper mache robot hands!

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